Halogen-free thermoplastic compounds (HFFR) are a range of high strategic value, bearing a complex and demanding manufacturing process. These compounds are mainly aimed at the market of electrical cables and telecommunications.
Our line dedicated to the manufacture of HFFR compounds has the most advanced technology to optimize the blending process: the screw configuration is characterized by a complex combination of elements of mixing, cutting, dispersing and mechanical energy. Depending on the characteristics of the polymers and additives and the final application of the product, the screw configuration is fully adapted to the material requirements. The know-how of Plasgom consolidated after years of experience is key at this stage.
The fully automated gravimetric metering, also makes the weighing phase a consistent and controlled process at all times. At the same time, it can work simultaneously with a variety of raw materials in various states: powder, liquid, pellet, …
The underwater cutting system at the end of the extrusion process, provides a technological solution that reduces energy consumption in the cooling phase of the material.
All these features give our manufacturing line of HFFR compounds a versatility that offers our customers state-of-the-art technology and product development.

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Plasgom has developed a new PVC compound according to new French standard XP-C 32-321:2014-09 for PVC cable sheathing in outdoor applications

In March 2014, former french normative for low voltage installation (NF C, in force since 1972) was replaced for XP –C.32-321. This norm is mandatory for cables type U-1000 R2V and U-1000 AR2V.
Main significant contribution to this new text is improved resistance to UV radiation and to atmospheric agents, with a very demanding ageing test of six weeks long with temperatures cycles swinging from +55ºC to -25ºC, combined with UV radiation and sprinkling.
New formula developed in house for our technical department has largely outperformed normative required specifications with values far beyond stablished limit.
With this new certification PLASGOM is ready to offer to clients and partners a high performance product that meets this standard imposed by french regulation.
This product is now commercially available for all Plasgom’s clients. Please contact our commercial team by phone to 0034 93 5742467.

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SABI Project: Safety is everyone’s matter

Plasgom has launched an innovative project in participatory prevention. It is a global program in which all employees contribute collecting images related to the prevention or risk situations observed both in everyday life and in the workplace. Such pictures generate a set of reflections that allow delve into one of the pillars of security: awareness.

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PLASGOM celebrates its 25th anniversary this year.

The company has positioned itself in the market throughout its history thanks to its ability to give a quick and tailored response to customer needs.

Currently, PLASGOM has a technical and production team of people that offer innovation worldwide, with the clear goal to grow with its customers, suppliers and partners, creating greater added value through new developments and markets.

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PLASGOM recently made a major investment in a pilot compounding plant. This investment is part of a strategic decision to develop innovative solutions in the market and provide competitive advantages to its customers.

This pilot plant is now available to PLASGOM customers, suppliers and partners to facilitate the development of new products in sectors such as encapsulated additives, new polymer blends for thermoplastic compounds, flame retardants, etc.

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