Halogen-free thermoplastic compounds (HFFR) are a range of high strategic value, bearing a complex and demanding manufacturing process. These compounds are mainly aimed at the market of electrical cables and telecommunications.
Our line dedicated to the manufacture of HFFR compounds has the most advanced technology to optimize the blending process: the screw configuration is characterized by a complex combination of elements of mixing, cutting, dispersing and mechanical energy. Depending on the characteristics of the polymers and additives and the final application of the product, the screw configuration is fully adapted to the material requirements. The know-how of Plasgom consolidated after years of experience is key at this stage.
The fully automated gravimetric metering, also makes the weighing phase a consistent and controlled process at all times. At the same time, it can work simultaneously with a variety of raw materials in various states: powder, liquid, pellet, …
The underwater cutting system at the end of the extrusion process, provides a technological solution that reduces energy consumption in the cooling phase of the material.
All these features give our manufacturing line of HFFR compounds a versatility that offers our customers state-of-the-art technology and product development.